I am a Procrastinator

3 min readJan 2, 2024

Greeting Tribe-People,

Happy New Year

For the longest time, I have been procrastinating on doing a CHALLENGE but I decided how about we do it with you guys for accountability & inspiration.

I named the challenge Project Zero.


  1. Zero Audience.
  2. Zero Attention.
  3. Zero Authority.


Today, I launched a Personal brand website, one that I have been sitting on for the longest time thus the title.

Check the website out and give constructive feedback


Though it has been there I never thought about it

With three main goals in mind:

1. I want it to act as a №1 Resource for educating creators and creatives even those that are starting from Scratch.

See a lot of YouTubers say if they were starting they would do this:

blah! blah! blah!

The truth is that just an assumption let’s do the REAL WORK.

2. I want to move it to 0–1,000,000 Sessions in the next 365 days (Note: Not Pageviews) not sure if it’s enough for the last goal.

The plan is to focus on evergreen content and leverage search and social media.

3. I want to make a minimum of $113,579.20 from the same website in the next 365 days.

The average annual salary of an individual living in one of the most expensive cities. I will talk about this number later stay with me.

The whole time I will document the fails & wins on this journey on the same website.

Under My Journey:

Here is the link:


Here are some of the things i have in mind:

Niche: Wealthy & Education.

I chose this because I know they pay the best and based on the online business model I plan to use this can get great commission, integrate well with the audience I have in mind and the advertisement revenue is great as well i think its called RPMs (revenue per 1000 impression)

Online Business model :

I plan to use a couple of online business model

blogging business model | freelance business model | digital marketing business model

self-publishing business model | digital business model | podcasting business model | software as service business model | vlogging business model | membership business model | subscription business model | e-learning business model | coaching business model | consulting business model.

Monetization Strategy:

Affiliate Marketing | Premium Ad Revenue | Digital Products | Product & Tools | Service | Content

Traffic strategy:

Content, SEO, Email list, Social Media: Pinterest, Medium, Quora Twitter

All this in the Next 365 Days

Today marks Day 1:

The first keyword I’m targeting is Salary.


I decided to beat procrastination and start a challenge with three main goals:

  1. Create a №1 Resource for Creators & creatives as I document the journey.
  2. Get 1,000,000 sessions from the personal website i build within 365 days
  3. Make a minimum of $113,579.20 from the same website in the next 365 days


You can join me as I come up with a plan on how to achieve the three goals by

Tools & resources mentioned

  1. Personal Website


Day 1 DONE

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My Journey


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Let me know in the comment section if I can document this on YouTube as well.