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As I sat and typed this I still wondered what was going on in my mind and how the last day 366th/367th would be, depending on when you are reading this:

How much we will have made

The plan is to make daily small manageable tasks and break down the elephant in the room into bite-size amounts the brain can handle.

In my previous post, Check it here

I mentioned a sum amount of $113,579.20 and you are wondering how I arrived at this post.

To be frank I just google,

But hear me out

This is the salary you need to live in one of the most expensive cities in the world, at least according to the statistics in 2023.

I can hear some of you ask, which city is this?


Let’s go back to our discussion now that the amount is out of our way. We want to break it down!!!

The Amount is

$ 113,579.20


  • $ 113,579.20…….……… per Year.

(divide by 12)

  • $ 9 464.93333………….per Month

(divide by 4)

  • $ 2 366.23333……………Per Week

(divide by 7)

  • $ 338.033333…………….Per Day

(divide by 24)

  • $ 14.0847222…………… Per Hour

(divide by 60)

  • $ 0.23474537………… Per minute

(divide by 60)

  • $ 0.00391242283…….. Per Second

(divide by 60)

  • $ 0.00000652070472….Per Millisecond

I can hear you say mean what is the point of all this?

To be able to achieve the goal we need to have a strategy and we need to cheat the mind a little.

Just compare

If I said

$ 113,579.20/Year Vs $ 14.085 per hour.

Which do you think is manageable?


$14.085/hr is manageable Not easy.

This brings me to the second consideration:

Now that we intend to make money in the online space, or the creator economy

This amount becomes realistic for 2 reasons:

  1. 24/7 effect: (coined this up to explain something I noticed the second point has an effect so I thought it would be easier to remember.

The internet does not sleep — this means we can have something working for us for the next 365 days that is where the effect comes in.

Let’s say, I write a blog post on my website about a specific tool

Now that I am on this: I’m thinking of putting a resource section of all the tools and programs I will use let me know if you would be interested in the comment section:

Disclaimer some of them might be affiliate links.

Let’s go on.

As I was saying I write a blog post on a tool I use say

Notion (This is an amazing productivity tool I love & I will be sharing & talking about it later)

Once I have it on the website it remains there forever as long as the website is live.

That’s a money tree right there planted.

  1. Compound effect: You see it now balances with the first point.

We want to capitalize on every effort we make.

As we build up let’s say I write on another tool say:

Grammarly(This is a free AI writing assistance, I wish i used this on my first post really saves a lot of time on correction and writing well. And the typos too)


Do you know that the two are actual real tools Notion & Grammarly Sign up with each of them and check out their Chrome extension which will come in handy.

Thanks to those who decide to use my affiliate link, goes a long way in actualizing the Goal.

Let’s continue

that sounded like a commercial right there.

If I am an affiliate of both tools, honestly I am I will make a commission if a subscriber decides to use both. My effort on the first blog post I wrote will still be useful.

This is where the compounding effects kick in.

According to the internet,

Compound effect Means

The compound effect is defined as the “principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices.” The basic premise for the compound effect is to reject the idea of changing your life quickly. That isn’t going to happen as ‘quick fixes’ never lead to long-term self-development.

I can’t agree better


Today, I decided to break down the number so that we can have something we can work with.

>> Money goal breakdown

>>Tackle the 24/7 effect and compound effect.


Come up with AN AMOUNT you want to achieve and break it down with the formula above.

Tools mentioned

  1. Notion
  2. Grammarly


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